Michelle Adams
Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Coach

Michelle Adams, Lawyer & Coach

Michelle Adams Esq.

Michelle Adams is an experienced lawyer, litigator, advocate, advisor and business coach, as well as a creative entrepreneur. She specializes in helping people solve problems with both her legal and business skills, exceptional judgment and practical advice. When you need help, look to Adams Law.


Michelle spent over two decades litigating cases on behalf of businesses and professionals and scaling two law firms before starting her current practice offering more creative services to business owners that prevent lawsuits before they happen. Michelle also still offers traditional litigation firm services, but the move to her new practice allows her the freedom to be creative in constructing practical solutions that better fit businesses that are sometimes needed—-such as flat fee billing when the situation fits (which often traditional law firms frown upon). Michelle also partners in a creative food business and manages it as general counsel and CEO. This experience has exploded Michelle’s business with requests for her expertise in business start-up and operations that scale. She also helps other professionals build better skills, grow their practices or transfer to owning their own business. Adding modern tools and experiences, along with real business acumen, Michelle is the right choice to solve your problems. Whether you need solid and practical advice or a strong advocate, Michelle is waiting to serve you.


Are You a Lawyer who needs Coaching, Trial Back-up

or ADR Services?


You need an experienced and trusted colleague. . .

As a respected colleague and hard-working advocate to so many over the years, Michelle understands your position and your unique predicament. Whether you require coaching to improve your skills or your business, or you need help with your current practice, Michelle is available to help you.

Are you a Business Owner or Creative Entrepreneur?


You need someone who understands you . . .

Michelle is an experienced lawyer and a creative entrepreneur herself. Michelle isn't just a lawyer---she also has experience as the business director of a creative business that focuses in the wedding industry and has a brick and mortar space. Wouldn't you like to work with someone who gets you? Whether you're selling services or products online or at a brick and mortar location, Michelle can help protect and optimize your business.

A Strategic Business Partner. . .

Michelle Adams is an entrepreneur, lawyer, advocate, advisor and coach. Michelle is a licensed attorney who offers legal consulting to her clients who want to start and run successful businesses. Michelle spends time getting to know her clients and works with them as a strategic business partner in both a legal and business sense, helping to design your success. 

What makes Michelle Adams different than all the other attorneys out there?

Real experience

Michelle has over 20 years of legal experience as a litigator and trial lawyer, 13 years experience building two seven figure law firms and acting as managing partner, 8 years experience as the Director of a small business in the food and wedding industries, has built brick and mortar spaces as well as online shops, and 4 years as a solo attorney and building a legal consulting and business coaching practice. Michelle also completed Mediation training at Northwestern University.  Armed with this experience and a unique understanding of modern day marketing and technology, Michelle makes a great partner. There are so many people online today—-do they have as much experience as this to help you get where you need to go?

For Sellers:  Michelle is a creative entrepreneur and business owner herself.  After starting and running two successful boutique litigation law firms she helped start-up a small business that now ships products nationwide, has won awards for being the best in their class and is integral to the community in which it sits.  Michelle continues to serve as House Counsel and CEO.  Don’t just create a business—-create a successful, legal business built to scale and provide you with a great life.

For lawyers who need help:  With over 20 years of experience as a litigator and trial lawyer, and building two insurance defense boutiques where she acted as managing partner, Michelle has the experience to help solve your problems.

For companies and businesses: As a litigator for over 20 years Michelle has served insurance companies, Boards of Director, Professional, Corporations, and Municipalities. Real experience, real business skills and the practical advice that is needed are all available to you when you partner with Michelle.

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