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People I help:

creative entrepreneurs

Creative entrepreneurs love to pursue their passion, but you also have to charge for your services and protect your business.  Whether you have a retail location or you're online, let's talk.

food & Restaurant owners

I am aware of the unique needs of a food business  and am ServSafe certified.  Whether you need to set up your farmer's market business or expand your restaurant or ship your food, let's chat.

online sellers

Online sellers can feel isolated sometimes and have many unique circumstances.  You're exposed to the online community so let's make sure you're business is operating legally and optimally.

Also available for speaking services for groups


I defended national retailers for twenty years and this knowledge helped me in my own business.  Having a retail location imposes unique requirements on you---let's cover the bases.


Whether you need business guidance, practice management advice or legal services such as trial consulting or alternative dispute resolution, I am here to help. 


Need to improve your career, achieve some balance, reach a goal?  I get you.  I've changed my direction several times.  I'm not a professional coach nor licensed therapist, but I can help.

Small Business Owners

I understand the unique needs of small business owners because I am also one.  Maybe your're just starting out and need advice on set-up or need to know how to expand.  Let's connect.


I defended doctors for over twenty years and have consulted experts in a variety of fields.  I have also performed risk management services for a Captive.  I'm here to help you and your practice.


Maybe you need some extra hands for your in house legal department.  Sometimes outsourcing work, like managing litigation, to an experienced attorney is necessary for success.  


My Most Requested Services:

RiskAnalysis (1).png

Risk Analysis

As an expert in risk, Michelle Adams can help to protect your professional practice, retail location or small business.  A Risk Analysis is a project based service that we can tailor to the unique needs of your business.  Analyzing your level of risk and preventing accidents and lawsuits is a high level service that will optimize your business.

You may need Policies and Procedures or a Refund Policy.  There are many ways to decrease your risk, so let's chat!


Alternative Dispute Resolution

As an experienced civil litigator I understand that there are times to go to court, and there are times when a dispute may be resolved through alternative dispute resolution.  Mediation and Arbitration are often employed as ways to resolve a suit to save time and money, as well as provide certainty of outcome.  

Whether you need a mediator, arbitrator or neutral for your matter, I am prepared to help.  Go to the Mediations page and submit the contact form to get started.


Contract Review.png

Contract Review

Many business relationships are governed by contracts.  These may be professional service contracts that dictate how we get paid and define the scope of our services.  They may also be vendor service agreements that govern the scope of our relationship with vendors.  There are many more types of agreements applicable to a business.  If you already have a business then you likely are a party to one or more contracts.  

A contract review PROTECTS you and your business by having a licensed attorney review the contract you are using or considering signing, explain it to you and inform you of any risks.  If there's a better way, I will let you know that too.


legal coach.jpg

Legal and Business Coaching

What does a Coach do?  A coach is a person that works with you to help you achieve your goals.  There are all kinds of coaches and mentors, my specialty is legal and business coaching.  I work with professionals such as attorneys, doctors and architects to help them tackle issues in their careers, such as:  how to set up a law firm, how to institute best practices, how to market, how to bill more effectively, how to achieve work-life balance, how to sell.  I also work with business owners and people who want to own businesses on following their passion, how to achieve their business goals, how to scale their businesses, how to reach their business goals.  

The most successful people all have coaches.  If you're interested in having me coach you, just get in touch so we can chat to determine if we're a fit to work together.

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Need help with your case?

I actively and passionately litigated civil matters for over 20 years, including jury trials and appeals.  Need a co-counsel for your case?  That's my jam.  Don't go it alone.  I don't take on my own litigated cases any longer as my practice is dedicated to helping my colleagues.  Let's connect and work together as a team.