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 Coaching for Lawyers

Your success in this program is determined by the time and effort you put into this program. A coach is someone who will hold you accountable to help you reach your goals.

For Lawyers and other professionals:

After over two decades of litigation practice and building two boutique insurance defense law firms I embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey when I helped to co-found a food business at the same time I transitioned to a solo practice in a new area of law.   It is true what they say—-we don’t learn business in law school! Fortunately when I was a new lawyer I had an amazing mentor who had superior legal skills and a great business sense, and he was willing to mentor me in both law and business. That training helped me to build two boutique defense law firms to seven figures, then it helped me to build a solo practice.

When I left my law firm I set up a solo practice based on my business relationships I had created for many years. At first I offered my services as a coverage attorney and did ADR. After scaling our business and growing a team I realized I had found a new way to use my legal skills I had never considered as a litigator. Additionally, I gained new skills like branding, social media, creating customer experiences and operations management. I learned to build websites, ecommerce sites and graphic designed content. These skills served my clients. With time to grow a legal consulting practice, I realized that most of my business clients needed coaching more than legal services. As I began to offer coaching to the entrepreneurs I represented, I wished I had a coach when I was trying to decide what to do back when I still worked in my firm. If I wished for a coach, maybe other lawyers did as well?

If you’re on this page it may be because you are searching for help. In law school they didn’t teach us about mentors and coaches, but most successful people have them. I coach lawyers who want to build skills, either legal or business. I help lawyers grow a more successful practice. I can also help you figure out how to leave the law and start something new if that’s your desire. I can help you if you are burnt out and stressed, need to improve skills, or even improve your partnership.   If your practice is struggling or not over six figures yet, I can help you get there. My coaching areas include the following:

  1. Business Skills (marketing, running a law firm, scaling)

  2. Legal Skills (litigation, trial, rainmaking, billable hours, making partner, networking, etc)

  3. Career Decision (Helping you determine to stay, change jobs or leave the law)

  4. Identifying the “something new” if you are leaving the law

  5. Achieving balance

  6. Help you to rewrite your story and/or rebrand or develop a niche

  7. Personal Development and Mindset

  8. Providing a community of powerful, like-minded and passionate people just like you.

  9. Practice management (Outside CEO/COO)

I am passionate about helping the members of my profession so that you can gain the skills and community you need to have a successful and inspired practice.  But mostly, I am passionate about helping the people who have been made to feel that what they are doing now is all that they can do. There is more and you have skills. You can use those skills in the law, or you can use them out of the law. I’ve done both—-I still do. I have narrowed my practice to consulting with creative entrepreneurs to allow me more time to coach. But I still go to legal conferences and CLE's and I understand what you are going through. I still mediate and arbitrate, as well as stay active in my profession. I can see all the possibilities for you.

Coaching Plans:

  1. The Inspired to do More Plan for Professionals:

A coaching plan for lawyers/professionals to start a business and gain more life

What: A coaching program to help professionals who have come to realize they want something more. That more could mean staying in your profession but starting your own practice. It could mean leaving your job and starting something new. This program gets you there in 90 days. So before your next Case Management Call you could have a whole new life you love.

Your Coach: Michelle L. Adams, Esq. : I created the road maps and I’m going to guide you on this amazing journey. Whether you want to leave your job to open your own firm or you want to leave the practice of law altogether—I’ve done both and I can get you to your destination.

How: You don’t need to already know what or how. That’s why you’re here. Let me guide you. In 90 days time you will figure out what you were meant to do and how to accomplish your goals. You will start a business that provides you the income you need and the freedom you crave to transition away from the job making you unhappy. You will start living a life you love and have a business that provides you with personal fulfillment.

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2. Monthly Coaching to Build Skills or Achieve Goals

What: A monthly coaching program to help professionals who need to build legal or business skills, or want to achieve a goal (billables, work/life balance, personal or professional development, etc.). This is a personalized plan that may include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly phone calls, meetings and emails. The program can last until you reach your goal, or end at anytime you choose before or afterwards.

Your Coach: Michelle L. Adams, Esq. As a practicing attorney for 25 years, managing partner of a law firm that I built, and now a creative entrepreneur, I would be honored to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Being a lawyer is hard, let’s work together and make your life better.

How: After we speak on a call I will create your personal plan for you depending on how much coaching you need and the timing of reaching your goal.

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