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As a health care professional you have a special type of business.  This means you need legal counsel who understands you and how to help protect that business.  For the majority of my legal career I have helped health care professionals by defending them in malpractice suits and disciplinary proceedings, helping them to protect their businesses and helping them to deal with the special issues that arise in mitigating risk. 


Health care professionals don't usually seek legal counsel until they're having a legal issue like a lawsuit or a problem patient.  If you're at that point, I can help you.  While you probably have insurance and an assigned counsel, that counsel is a lawyer that is being paid by the insurance company.  This means you will also want an independent attorney working with you to oversee that litigation and protect your rights.  An experienced litigator who has practiced medical malpractice law is an important team member who can help you get the best results.  Lawsuits are especially stressful for doctors and medical providers---working with someone who understands that stress will make a difference. 

Litigation and trial support

Review your attorney's plan and work

Expert witness advice

Risk and verdict potential assessment

When I practiced medical malpractice defense I referred most of my physician clients to independent counsel as a precautionary measure.  If you're involved in a lawsuit it's always advised to have an attorney that you personally retain on your team.  

Perhaps you're being proactive with your medical practice and have decided to enlist the help of someone familiar with risk management issues. You will want someone who is experienced with what happens in litigation, as well as someone who can advise you on best practices.  I have experience working with a variety of medical specialties over the years and medical insurance companies.  I have also been the lead attorney to a captive board and advised on best practices and ways to reduce risk.  Often one of the best gifts you can give your practice is to enlist outside help as a lens to your practice. . . someone who can help you prevent lawsuits before they happen.  Lawsuits can cost you your license if not handled correctly. . don't let that happen.  Sometimes a little proactive planning with your problem cases is all it takes.  

Litigation support

independent assessments

best practice advice

risk management 


A monthly service developed for the health care professional

Invest a few hours every month to reduce your malpractice risk.  This program is intended to help those in the medical field who don't have the benefit of in house counsel.  Just a few hours a month spent on reviewing your cases and discussing how best to handle issues that have arisen will often prevent a malpractice suit from being filed.  

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