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I offer the following services:

Business and Legal Consulting & Coaching to fit your needs

Risk Management and House Counsel Services

Litigation Services

  1. For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Your Business is your Baby. . .Create it, Protect it and help it grow

You grew your passion into a business or you want to. . . .I understand that.  I grew a law firm and got bit by the same entrepreneurial bug that bit my clients.  That led me to become a founding member of a food business in the wedding industry.  I realized that while creative and small businesses don't need a lot of legal help, they do need some basics and because they've heard of the horror stories of the traditional ways most lawyers practice, they don't get those basics their business needs.  Nobody likes getting a legal bill getting charged for the lawyer's billable hour to read their emails and open their mail right?  I get it, that's why I left big law to do my own thing and help more people in a modern and creative way.   It’s also how I know how to help you start the business you have always been dreaming about.



As a business owner you need to protect your bottom line.  Some lawyers will tell you they understand, but I really do understand because I am just like you---I am an entrepreneur too.  Not just a legal entrepreneur but one that has owned a small business, a retail shop, a catering business, and an online e-commerce shop.  Oh the things you learn about business when you actually own one---everything from design and marketing to creating the ideal customer experience.  Because of my experience I created flat-fee services for my clients.  Unlike those online form providers I give you not only a flat-fee service you can count on, but also my 20 years of litigation experience defending Fortune 500 businesses like Saks, grocery stores like Aldi, car manufacturers like GM, and hundreds of business owners and professionals (architects, contractors, shop owners, doctors, lawyers. . .).  I will not only create your needed legal document especially for your business, but also explain it to you and make sure you use it legally.  That's something you can't get from generic internet research.  

Let's create something just for your business.  Your baby is worth that.  

But if you need a form, check out my online shop.  Sometimes having an attorney prepared standard form is exactly what you need.  All of mine are high quality and meant to protect your small business.

Service Pricing:

Most of my services are flat fee.  Some are project based depending on the type of legal issue you have.  If you have a legal matter that doesn't fit into either category then that may entail an hourly fee---but we'll discuss that up front (I don't bill for opening your mail, I promise).  My goal is to get your business and you protected at a reasonable price.   Coming from a litigation world I understand not only the incredible amount of dollars that stem from litigation, but also the heartache.  Often, a little bit of time and money spent being proactive now can save you that in the future.  I understand you're trying hard to balance your budget and legal costs are not always factored in or affordable.  But litigation isn't affordable.  It will take years away from you.  So let's do something about that. . .something affordable you can live with that will help grow your business and give you peace of mind.   

Visit the online shop tab for legal contract templates and to sign up for a Business Check-Up!

The Business Check-up is my signature workshop. As a litigator for big and small businesses for over 20 years, I know what it takes to get your legal stuff together to optimize and scale your business. Visit the online shop and let’s get working on getting you legal.




Here are some basic Services, all flat-fee, that you may need for your business that I provide as part of my legal consulting practice:

Form an LLC (includes FEIN registration and Operating Agreement)

Review and Advise on Lease Agreement

Review and Advise on Vendor Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreement

Coaching Contract

NDA/Confidentiality Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Creative Contract (Bakery, Photography, Floral, Event services, Venue)

Speaker Agreement

Event Waiver

Retreat, Attendees Workshop

Refund Policy

Website Privacy Agreement

Terms of Use Agreement

Policies & Procedures *

Sexual Harassment Policy

Cease and Desist Letter

. . .or something created just for your business needs.

Most of the above services are less than $500---reasonable enough for you to get legally protected and put into your monthly budget.

*The Policies and Procedures manual price is tailored for each business and requires an in-depth business review.  Price discussed after learning your needs.

Need something different?  Each business is unique---let's talk about what you may need and go from there!



Business Check-up Mini Course! Sign up to get info on launch date! This course is for you if you own a business and want to learn how to protect it and scale it legally.

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2. For Companies that need to solve bigger problems: House Counsel Services and Risk Management

I have years of experience representing big companies and solving big problems. My legal experience, combined with exceptional judgement and real business acumen, equates to the type of player you need on your team. I started my career in insurance defense and was trying cases in my first month as a licensed attorney. Throughout my career I represented a variety of insurance companies, as well as hundreds of businesses, municipalities and Boards of Director.


3. Litigation

When you need a litigator, you want someone with experience. I wanted to be a trial attorney starting in high school and fulfilled that dream by going to law school and winning the Trial Ad award. I interned with the Cook County State’s Attorney and the City of Chicago Corporation Counsel, which allowed me to prosecute cases before I was a licensed attorney. After passing the bar exam I became employed with a law firm that specialized in insurance defense and I was litigating cases on my first day of employment. I have litigated thousands of lawsuits over my career and am comfortable in the role of an adversary. I have represented municipalities as local prosecutor. I am a trial attorney and experienced in all phases of litigation and ADR proceedings. I have also completed Northwestern University’s 40 hour Mediation Skills training class and I serve as an arbitrator for the Cook County judicial system. If you have a need for a litigator, don’t settle for someone with just a few years of experience because more than likely just a few years of litigation won’t provide the background a true long-life litigator attains. I have experience with all kinds of litigation. . .reach out and let’s chat about your needs.