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Business Check-Up

Business Check-Up


ON SALE UNTIL 2-26-19!

Let’s spend some time together and give your business a check-up!

This program is meant to inform you of those problems you aren’t aware of which will hold your business from growing as well as expose your business to expensive and costly risks. Following this program you will have an understanding of the fitness of your business from both a legal and business perspective. This program is meant to help you position your business for massive business growth.

The four areas we will review:

  1. Business Organization

  2. Business Operations

  3. Risk Management

  4. Marketing

    This program will review everything about your business and identify your legal pit-falls.

    Workshop is conducted by phone, video conference or in person if local. Workshop can be conducted in person out of my local area with travel expenses paid at cost.

    Does Not include any drafting services (contracts, documents, reports, etc). Does not include any research, writing or litigation services.


Send me your main contract before the check-up so I can advise you on it. This plan covers review of your contract but not the drafting of a new one. Will also include review of your website, social media and trademark. Plan on spending a couple of hours together to go over everything.

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