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Contract Review

Contract Review


My flat fee legal services were designed with the busy business owner in mind!  Most attorneys require you to come to their office for a meeting --but as a business owner myself I know how there are already not enough hours in a day!  Most of my flat fee services can be accomplished by phone and email.  

Contracts are integral to our lives as business owners and may include partnership contracts, contracts with our vendors and service contracts that detail how we get paid.  It is very important to know what you are signing before you sign it, as well as to have adequate protection in place for your business.  

Get your contracts reviewed by a professional and you will feel relieved knowing that you and your business are protected!  If any revisions are necessary to protect you, I will let you know.  (Drafting contract revisions or drafting a new contract are NOT included in a contract review).


Professional legal review of ONE contract (not to exceed 10 pages in length).

Feedback via phone or e-mail with an explanation of your duties under the contract.  


Not Included:

Contract Drafting and/or Revisions.  


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