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Small Business Harassment Policy

Small Business Harassment Policy


FREE 30 minute consultation! When you purchase this policy I will give you a free legal consultation to discuss with you exactly how to use this policy and how to put it in place in your business! Just purchase the form and get on my calendar to discuss your business!

Are you a small business employer? Small Business Owners face a lot of challenges putting the appropriate policies and procedures into place. You’re working on a small budget and because you’re trying to do everything, you’ve got very little time to research what you need to get legally compliant. Because we’re both small business owners and employers, we’ve already done all that research, which will save a lot of time and money!

One of the most important policies you can have if you have employees is a Harassment Policy. We’ve developed a Harassment Policy that contains both a Sexual Harassment policy and a general Harassment policy that pertains to race, religion, national origin, etc. With a complete policy on board you can sleep better at night knowing you’re legally compliant.

This Harassment Policy is a done-for-you Template that includes the following:

Two pages of instructions about how to set up a good policy for your business and further, how to use the template;

A downloadable pdf version of the Template. If after purchase you would like a copy in another format (Word or Google Doc) just contact us;

A strong Harassment policy that contains clear and understandable terms wtih definitions of harassment and a grievance procedure. All you have to do is fill in your company name.

This Harassment Policy will work for any small business no matter what type of business you have. If you have employees and don’t yet have a Harassment Policy, this is the Template for you.

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Created by a licensed attorney for U.S. based businesses