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Non-Compete and Confidentiality Agreement

Non-Compete and Confidentiality Agreement


FREE 30 minute consultation! When you purchase this agreement I will give you a free legal consultation to discuss with you exactly how to use this contract and how to put it in place in your business! Just purchase the form and get on my calendar to discuss your business!

This Non-Compete Agreement is a done-for-you Template that includes the following:

One page of instructions about how to fill out the agreement. The Agreement itself is 2 pages.

A downloadable pdf version of the Template. If after purchase you would like a copy in another format (Word or Google Doc) just contact us;

This is a basic and legally binding Non-Compete Agreement. A Non-Compete agreement is used when you hire an employee and want to protect your trade secrets and confidential information. In this agreement the employee agrees to not compete with the business of the employer for a period of one year following employment and a location of 20 miles surrounding the primary place of business of the employer. This agreement also specifies that the employee will not reveal the confidential information of the employer.

If you require something specific for your business, kindly contact a lawyer to draft a customer agreement with you. Also, before using this agreement you should understand the laws of your state pertaining to NDA’s.


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