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Privacy Policy Template

Privacy Policy Template


This download is for a Privacy Policy Template to get your Website legally compliant and protected. If you have a website you MUST have a Privacy Policy. This one is lawyer prepared and will save you time, money and the stress of not knowing what you need to have on your site to protect you.

A Privacy Policy is a description of the kinds of information you collect from your website visitors and what you do with that information. If you have a website and collect data from your users (personal information like name and email address and non-personal information such as analytics) then pursuant to Federal law you need to have a Privacy Policy posted on your website. (Note: if you collect information from people in other countries you will need to comply with GDPR starting 5-25-18, This Privacy Policy is a good start to complying with that law but if you sell to the EU then make sure you work with an EU specialist to get totally compliant). This Privacy Policy is not intended for those with a Membership site.


Instructions for use;

One downloadable pdf. If you would like the document in another form, such as Word or Google Doc, just contact us after purchase.

Privacy Policy Template that includes a description of Personal and Non-Personal Information and a warning to your website visitors what you do with that information. This Privacy Policy is complete and comprehensive—-all you need to do is add your company name. You can also customize it with the specific type of information you collect.

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Created by a licensed attorney for U.S. based businesses