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Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions) Template

Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions) Template


This download is for a Terms of Use (a/k/a Terms and Conditions) Template to get your Website legally compliant. A Terms of Use is an important part of your online protection and is required by Federal law. This is a done-for-you template that is legal, up to date and comprehensive to save you time, money and the stress of not knowing what you need to have on your site to protect you from copycats or misuse of your information.

Terms of Use (a/k/a Terms and Conditions)—Describes the rules of your website. It protects your information and branded content, your words, your images and more. It informs your visitors what they can and cannot do with the information on your site and what will happen if they violate that. We’ve also rolled our Disclaimers into this document but you will need to purchase a separate Privacy Policy. Our Terms of Use includes Intellectual Property protections, Warranty Disclaimer, Advertising Disclaimer, Site Security language, and other general warnings.


One Digital Download pdf. If after purchase you would like to receive another format (Word or Google Doc), kindly contact us.

Instructions for Use;

Terms of Use Template.

If you want to protect yourself and your website from illegal copycats—--a Terms of Use is one of your most important assets. Create a tab on your website and upload this important protection in a few clicks.

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Created by a licensed attorney for U.S. based businesses